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There are NO additional or Hidden Charges

At the PAT Test Company we pride ourselves on being open and transparent, we will on request provide a highly competative quotation which will state exactly what the cost of the Electrical Inspection is and the individual cost to PAT test each item. The price we quote is the price you pay.
We aim to keep our testing prices as low as possible to keep us ahead in the market place.
  • FREE Pass / Fail labels on all appliances tested.
  • FREE replacement of damaged plug tops & fuses.
  • FREE re-testing after repairs.
  • FREE minor repairs to plug top wiring.
  • PAT test certification and inventory records supplied in hard copy format.
  •  FREE Micro wave leakage checks carried out as part of the inspection and testing process.
  • Companies with more than 500 + items please request a FREE Quotation for the best price possible.


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